Dutch Language Classes

Dutch language classes

For women who:

  • have obtained bachelor's or master's degree in an other country;
  • want to accelerate their career or educational opportunities in the Netherlands, but lack the required level of Dutch to be able to further develop;
  • enjoy learning in small group settings and meeting other inspiring women from various cultural backgrounds;
  • would like to be taught by highly motivated volunteers who respect and take time for every individual.

These language groups are not meant for full-time students of ROC, Saxion or UT.

Levels, methods and courseperiods:
At SIVE we offer Dutch lessons for three levels:

  1. Beginner: A0-A1
  2. Advanced beginner: A1-A2
  3. Intermediate: A2-B1

We use the books of “Begin Vandaag” by Intertaal. Every level consists of two course periods of 14 weeks. New groups start in September. In some cases, it is possible to join an existing group in February, but usually we can only let you join right at the start of a new level in September.

Please consider the following costs: the price of the book (approx. 30 euros) and a contribution for the organisation of the lessons (coffee and tea included) of 45 euros per period of 14 lessons. This price rate is valid as of September 2021.

You can fill out an application form at any given time. However, there will not always be an immediate spot for you. You will then be placed on a waiting list. If you prefer to know what to expect concerning the waiting time, please contact the office of SIVE to be informed. Please consider visiting the SIVE Taalcafé while waiting for placement in a group.


You want to join our Dutch language classes? We love to have you! Fill out the form below and we get in contact with you!

*Waiting list
You can always register for our Dutch courses. It's not alway possible to let you join directly. We will put you on our waiting list. If you want to know how long you have to wait to join the classes. Please contact us!