SIVE hosts a variety of different activities and activity groups. Our goal is to help women participate in society and have them feel connected and powerful because of it. Our activities can be divided into the categories ‘Language’, ‘Connection’, and ‘Inspiration’.

All of SIVE's activities

SIVE’s activities are meant to empower, connect, and inspire. Through this we connect women to each other. You can sign up for our activities through our calendar.

We organize Dutch language lessons, language cafes, and conversation clubs for women who want to learn or practice the Dutch language.

Connecting with other women can be done through our walking clubs, creative groups, or multi-cultural book clubs. For women whose roots are outside of Enschede we facilitate an empowering introduction program through our ‘Meet & Greet’ project.

Through Inspirational Meetings SIVE provides a platform for women who have an inspiring story to share with which they hope to motivate other women to get ahead in their lives. Through the ‘Look What I Can Do’ project personal coaching is available to help you find out and achieve what you really want to do.


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Do you want to learn Dutch? Would you like to practice it with other women?

Whether you want to improve conversational, reading, or writing abilities, SIVE can provide you with Dutch language lessons. Next to our classes, we offer language cafes and conversational clubs to help you with practicing your Dutch conversational skills.

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Meet other women through SIVE’s connection program.

Whether you would prefer to join for a group walk, expand your horizons with our multi-cultural book club, or join a creative community – we have something for everyone. Are you new to Enschede and do you really want to get to know the city? In that case you can sign up for our 14-week ‘Meet & Greet’ course.

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Inspiring women meet each other through SIVE. Every year we host an event for International Women’s Day, and every year we award the Brigit Sijmons Award for the most inspiring woman in the local community. On a regular basis we host inspirational sessions where a woman shares how she dealt with various hardships in her life. We also organize information sessions to empower you to navigate your life in the best possible way.

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