Connecting programs

Do you want to join activities together with other women? Under ‘Connecting’ we have all our activities focused on meeting other women. Women of diverse backgrounds and (Dutch) language levels. Discover now which type of connection has you curious.

SIVE multiculturele leesclub
SIVE creatieve groep
SIVE wandelgroep

Meeting and connecting

Women with different backgrounds meet each other at SIVE. We organize lots of activities that you can join. We call that connecting and meeting.

It makes no difference whether you like going for a walk or seek a creative hobby. At SIVE you can read books with other women in our multicultural book club. You can get creative with needle and threat in our weekly Creative Group. Or you can go for a walk together on Fridays with our Walking Club. There is something for everybody.

For women who have recently moved to Enschede and want to meet other women we have a special project: Meet and Greet. This project is all about helping each other, connecting and growing.

SIVE multiculturele leesclub

Multi-cultural book club

What’s more fun than reading a book? Reading a book together!

Every month a group of 6 to 8 women comes together to discuss a story or a book. SIVE’s book club leads to new surprises every time. Every person has a different point of view which they apply to stories and themes. So by discussing them together you expand your horizons.

The books of the book club are selected together. Before the meeting starts, you are expected to have read the book, so the content can be discussed together. Usually this ends up leading to discussions about personal experiences.

At the moment SIVE has two different book clubs.


The Multicultural Book Clubs picks meeting dates in deliberation with their members.


The charge to participate in the book club is 1 euro per session. Tea and coffee will be free afterwards.

Want to join?

Do you want to join SIVE’s Multicultural Book Club? Fun! Sign up through the form at the end of this page and we will contact you soon.

creatieve groep

Do you like getting creative with your hands? And do you want to meet other women who enjoy this also? Then SIVE’s Creative Group is the right place for you!

Every Thursday afternoon we transform SIVE’s living room into a true art studio. We get out the sewing machines, sewing patterns, and yarn. An experienced volunteer will help you make your own clothes, bags, scarfs, blankets, socks, or whatever you might want.

Accompanied by a nice cup of tea or coffee the most beautiful creations come to life. And not to forget: you can teach each other new tricks. SIVE provides sewing machines, sewing patterns and stacks of magazines for inspiration.

Sign ups are not required, just come and check it out some time.


De Creatieve Groep vindt elke donderdag plaats van 13.00 tot 15.00 uur
(behalve in de schoolvakanties).


The charge is 1 euro per session. This will include free coffee and tea.

Want to join?

Sign ups are not required, just come and check it out some time.

SIVE creatieve groep
SIVE wandelgroep

Walking club

Exercising together is more fun! This fits perfectly with the motto of SIVE’s Walking Club.

Each Friday morning the Walking Club meets up at the Library of Enschede. The women present decide on the walking route and duration on the spot.

SIVE’s Walking Club combines exercising and fun. Why don’t you come and join us for a walk to find out if our Walking Club is your thing?

Please let us know if you’re planning on showing up. That way we can let the Walking Club know to expect you.


Each Friday morning at 10.00 we will leave from Enschede’s central library (with the exception of school holidays). Check our calendar for specific dates.


This activity is free of charge.

Want to join?

Feel free to join us for a walk. Please let us know you’re coming through Then we know we can expect you.

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Meet and Greet

Have you only recently moved to Enschede? And do you want to get to know the city better? Then we’re inviting you to join our Meet and Greet program.

During our Meet and Greet program we will inform you about everything Enschede has to offer in terms of arts and culture. And showing you the way to cultural activities is only the start. Because the program also provides conversational groups where you will get to know the other participants on a deeper level. Helping each other and growing are at the heart of this program.

Below we provide a description of the complete Meet and Greet program.


Every Tuesday betwen 13.00 and 16.00


Taking part of this program is free of charge.

Want to join?

Would you like to get to know the city of Enschede and meet other women? Sign up for our Meet and Greet program. Sign up by sending a mail to

SIVE groet en ontmoet


Through the course of 14 weeks we will go through the program below. It is possible the program is subject to some changes while it is ongoing.

Week 1 : Nice to meet you

  • Getting acquainted with each other and going over the program
  • Discussing The Netherlands as perceived through your cultural background

Week 2: Cultural meet up

  • Telling more about your cultural background through the use of an object
  • Inspirational session with a guest speaker

Week 3: Culinary and musical meet up

  • Everybody prepares a traditional dish and explains about this and its cultural significance
  • Conversational group about music and showing each other your favorite music

Week 4: The story of Enschede

  • A tour through  Enschede under guidance of a professional tour guide

Week 5: Coaching and going outside

  • A group coaching session focusing on who you are and where you want to go
  • Going for a walk through the ‘Volkspark’

Week 6: The story of Enschede pt. 2

  • A tour through the neighborhood ‘Roombeek’ with its special history
  • Coaching – making a vision board based on the previous coaching session

Week 7: Friendship

  • Coaching about friendship & a guest speaker who touched upon the theme friendship. Aimed at helping you understand what friendship means to you, and how you can create friendships.
  • Conversational group about the theme 'what does friendship mean to you?'


Week 8: Mid-game score

  • Conversational group about the theme ‘Where are you at now?’
  • Working on a personal development plan with your coaching buddies

Week 9: Inspiration

  • Visiting the art school ‘Kaliber Kunstenschool’ to join a free creative workshop

Week 10: Present yourself

  • Training ‘presenting yourself’
  • Visiting the ‘Ledeboerpark’

Week 11: Spreading your wings

  • Coaching about different types and styles of communication and how they help in maintaining contact with others
  • Learning about types of social media. Which types do we have? What can you do and achieve with them?

Week 12: Introspection

  • Conversation group ‘what have I achieved so far?’
  • Revisiting the vision board and personal development plan. What has changed and what do I want to do next?

Week 13: Who am I?

  • Workshop with poet Margót Veldhuizen
  • Practicing your personal presentation with your coaching buddies

Week 14: Let us meet you

  • Every participant gives a short presentation about themselves
  • Provision of a participation certificate
  • Visiting a final theater performance at the Vestzaktheater or Concordia