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Learning Dutch is important to be able to use your voice. Being able to speak, read, and write Dutch is also important in order to find employment. SIVE can help you learn Dutch through language classes and through practicing it with other women.

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SIVE can help you improve your Dutch.


Our language classes for higher educated women will teach you to speak, read, and write Dutch. These classes will help you get started, but it will take a lot of practice to master the language. You can get some of this practice through SIVE’s Language Cafes or Speaking Groups.

Please take into account that it’s not always possible to start classes straight away. Sometimes you’ll be placed on a waitlist. This happens when all classes are at capacity or when you’ll have to wait for the next start date. In the meantime practicing with other women always remain possible at SIVE.

Sign up for our language activities through the form below.

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Dutch language classes

SIVE’s language classes will help you learn Dutch.

Our classes are meant for women who:

  • have taken part in form a non-Dutch higher education (e.g. bachelor’s or master’s degree);
  • want to take steps in the Netherlands in regards to employment or studying, but need better Dutch language skills to achieve this;
  • prefer learning in a group;
  • want to meet other inspiring women of different cultures;
  • are eager to partake in classes by passionate volunteers who pay attention to everyone as an individual.

Our classes are not suitable for full-time students of local educational institutes such as ROC, Saxion and the University of Twente.

Are you already following formal NT2 language classes at the ROC? In this case SIVE’s classes can be a nice addition. Feel welcome to sign up!

Levels, methods and timetables

SIVE offers Dutch classes at three different language levels:

  • Beginner: A0-A1 (sign up for level A1)
  • Experienced beginner: A1-A2 (sign up for level A2)
  • Advanced (A2-B1) (sign up for level B1)

At SIVE we use a teaching method called “Begin Vandaag” (‘Start Today’) developed by Intertaal. To complete one level you need to attend classes of two sets of 14 weeks. We call this one course cycle, which will take about a year to complete. Each course cycle starts in September. In exceptional cases we can offer allow you to start in February.


To follow our classes some costs will be charged. First of all, you will need a specified guidance book. This will cost between 30 and 35 euros. Secondly, there will be a charge for the classes themselves. We charge 45 euros per set of 14 weeks. Because a course cycle includes two sets of 14 weeks, the charge for the full course cycle is 90 euros. The charges include free drinks (coffee or tea). These costs have are charged for classes which have started since September 2022.

Sign up

Ready to sign up for language classes at SIVE? Use the form to the right. We will confirm your sign-up through e-mail.

You can sign up any time, but we cannot always offer you a placement in our classes right away. In these cases we will put you on a waitlist. Do you want to know how long you can expect to be on the waitlist? Contact us.

While you are waitlisted you can attend SIVE’s Language Café. More information about this will be provided below.


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Women's experiences with our classes

Conversation groups

Learning the Dutch language can be done through language classes. Speaking Dutch is something you practice together.

Our Conversation Groups allow women to practice the Dutch language together. Each group will have 7 to 10 women of different nationalities.

These women drink coffee and tea together. They’ll talk about the topics that matter to them. Sometimes someone will read a part of a newspaper or book out loud. In those instances, we check the meaning of words that are unfamiliar to some participants. At other times we practice words through a small game.

The Conversation Groups are for practicing and are not equal to actual language classes. The Conversation Groups are meant for women who have partaken in language classes before. Usually the attendants of the Conversation Groups are capable of speaking some Dutch, but aren’t practicing and using the language a lot in their everyday lives.


Every Monday and Thursday between 10.00 and 11.30, with the exception of (school) holiday periods.


Every session will have a charge of 1 euro. This charge will cover teaching materials and drinks (coffee or tea).


Dutch Language Cafe

SIVE’s Language Café brings together women to practice mastering speaking Dutch. Attendants of the Language Café have differing levels of Dutch speaking skills. No sign-ups required.


Elke friday between 10.00 at 12.00 at SIVE's living room.


Every Cafe attendance will cost 1 euro. This charge will cover teaching materials and drinks (coffee or tea).

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